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O Taste and See: Veggies are Really Good


There’s no debating that veggies are a key to a maintaining a healthy, balanced diet. But when it comes to making changes in our eating habits it can be downright challenging.

If that’s not enough, how about those who have committed themselves to becoming totally vegetarian or vegan. The mere thought of it is enough to make some of us run for the hills.  By the way, vegan is not short for vegetarian.

Even if you, like me aren’t quite there yet when it comes to giving up meat entirely, you can still incorporate some healthy and delicious alternatives to your menu. Here’s one of my favorite new snacks:

If you love buffalo wings, check this recipe out and make it your own way. Spicy, mild or other flavors. I’ve been experimenting with different variations of spices like adding some Lawry’s Seasoned Salt and crumbled corn flakes for a crunchier texture. I’m neither vegan nor do I require a gluten-free diet, so I opt to use regular all-purpose flour.

Serve them up with some blue cheese or ranch dressing and enjoy your veggie wings.  Ok, I won’t say they taste exactly like just like chicken…but they are really delicious! Here’s a basic recipe for you to try:

Buffalo Cauliflower Wingless


Kendall Duffie, VP of D3 Entertainment has been a successful music producer for over 20 years. Kendall also served as the Director of A&R of Light Records, building a label roster of artists including Bishop Paul Morton, Shirley Caesar and RiZen to name a few. He is also a singer, who along his twin brother has formed the R&B duo, Kloud 9. Kendall is also now committed to being a lifelong vegan.


CFU: What is the difference between being vegetarian and a vegan? What made you adopt this dietary change?

KD: Vegetarians usually consume dairy, such as eggs, milk and butter and some liberal vegetarians (also called Pescatarians) abstain from all meat except fish and other seafood. Those who practice a Vegan Diet, take it a step further and avoid all animal-based products including meat, dairy, fish and seafood. However, the term Vegan without the word “diet” next to it, refers to those who exclude all forms of exploitation of and cruelty to animals for food, clothing or any other purpose. 

Then you have Plant-Based diets, which are similar to the Vegan Diet but emphasizes eating lots of fresh produce and grains and minimizes eating processed foods. Vegan Diet desserts, do not use refined sugars or bleached flour.

I adopted this lifestyle change based on researching information about the Vegan Diet lifestyle and wanting to live a healthier life.

CFU: How long has it been since you’ve made the conscious decision to change your eating habits? How long did the transition take?

KD: I became Vegetarian over 20 years ago and transitioned to a Vegan Diet in January of 2018 and I’m never turning back! For me, it was simply making my mind up and just doing it. You really have to think through the process and commit to it or it will never stick.

CFU: What was the hardest part of becoming a vegan for you?

KD: For me it really wasn’t hard. I thought giving up cheese would be hard but once I mentally decided I was going to do it, my desire for cheese just faded away.

CFU: People are usually fearful of making this sort of dietary change because they think that means the food choices will be limited or tasteless. How are the options?

KD: That’s the biggest misconception out there! Vegan Diet lifestyle has really come of age with so many tasty options that even those on a regular meat-eating diets actually enjoy lots of the Vegan Diet items.

I meet so many non-Vegans at Vegan restaurants because they enjoy the food. I also cook and bake and have enjoyed the journey of learning how to make tasty Vegan Diet dishes and desserts with a variety of plant-based products. Seasonings and spices make all the difference in the world!

CFU: What have some of the noticeable health benefits for you? Did you inquire with any medical professionals about becoming a vegan?

KD: Overall, my health has improved.  My blood pressure is normal, I’ve lost weight, my skin looks better and so many other benefits. Most people don’t realize that the vast majority of health conditions are diet-related. We get sick, then we get put on medications to help us with those conditions.

But here’s the real kicker, most all medications are derived from plants. So we are being pushed by society to eat an unhealthy non-plant based diet, then pointed right back to plants to heal us.

Think about that for a minute, I didn’t seek any medical advice about changing my diet lifestyle, but I do recommend getting a physical shortly after you’ve made the change to see if there are any deficiencies in your body once you’ve adopted the new lifestyle. 

For example, I had to take vitamin D supplements for a little while because without dairy, I lost some vitamin D in my body.

I’ve since learned however, which plants can be eaten that are rich in vitamin D.

It’s all about research and information!


*COMING SOON*: Check out Kendall’s videos that will be posted during the upcoming holidays showcasing his Vegan Diet cooking as well as his scuba diving excursions on his YouTube page: Kendall Duffie


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